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Friday, April 29, 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and the Sands of Time

Remember this movie that came out some time ago with Jake Gylenaglhal where he had the ability to go back in time? Well ... there's a new one out so since I didn't review the other one I thought a parallel comparison is in order. So, here we go, Prince of Persia vs Source Code ... fight!

The American Soldier vs The Prince

In the Prince movie, Jake is a handome prince set out to win fame and fortune. In Source he's an american war hero who was flying soldiers on the battlefield. Yeah, I look at the picture above and I bet we're all thinking the same thing. There's nothing more cool in this world than Americans fighting for the freedom of mankind, Jarhead wins, no contest there.

The Matrix vs A Puny Knife

Let's face it, a knife with limited amount of time sand which you have to actually hold in your hand and push a button doesn't stand a chance in front of remotely triggered modern day back in time full Matrix-style immersion where you simply cannot die. Pollygons and Pixels FOR THE WIN! In your face, peasant, that knife sure don't look so awesome now, does it?

A Dedicated Loving American Woman vs Some Brunette

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's remember that there is nothing better in this world than a dedicated loving woman who just decided to go to India to find herself and wants to take her man with her. Now, that's personality that is simply lacking from that girl on the right. You can CLEARLY see she is just a shallow person ... It's a clear one again, I would say.

The Stealthy Genius vs The Arab Suspect

Let's be honest, the guy on the right would take three steps before the SWAT team would be all over his butt. The guy on the left on the other hand has a CLEAR advantage, this is by far the easyest matchup of them all. Red tie, innocent smile ... but just look deep his eyes, the guy is RUTHLESS ... You'd better start running you ... bearded ... scared ... guy.

Closing statement.

Let's face it, mankind has evolved since the XVth century BC and this just goes out to prove it. Current century rullz hard and I laugh in the face of anyone who says otherwise.

Oh, and about the movies, they're both pretty OK.

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