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Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Old Hope

In case it is not official, I declare myself being a really major Star Wars geek. I'm not running around dressed like Chewbacca, but to make it more clear just how big of a geek I am, I can tell you that one of the guys they shoot when they bust Leia out from the Death Star dies from a ricochet, and I know that because I watched just about every shoot-out from the movie frame by frame ... a couple of times. But that was about 20 years ago, so don't beware, I have grown up ... I think ... In fact, about two weeks ago I grew up to be 31 years old, and got a lot of grown up presents. Or kinda grown up ...

Presented above sits what is possibly the best gift the SW geek in me ever received, one that I was hoping for since I was a child, a true treasure chest for any SW fan. From the first brief page that George Lucas scribbled with the intention of making the movie, it really gives you some very interesting details of how the story evolved over time, quite surprisingly since it began with some very brief ideas out of which very few made it in the final version. It's really interesting to see how script writing and movie production worked in Hollywood back in the days and impressive to see how Lucas really pushed for his vision despite the total lack of support from the studios.

Anyway, the book really is amazing and it was most probably one of the best gifts I ever got. It didn't come alone though. As SW is a trilogy, so was my present, but that's for another time. Let's just say for the moment that Andreea thought it was time she gave me a good Star Wars spoiling, which she quite did (kisses and hearts flying around at this point).

As for life at 31, I have this idea about a very short movie that will illustrate just how much I matured over the years ... and I will post it ... soon.

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