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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pitstop in Paris

Not so long ago, we took a trip to the wine & food heaven Loire valley... or at least that's what we were expecting it to be. But before we got there it was pretty clear that we can't just pass close to Paris and ignore it ... yup ... it was pitstop time. Because you know what's better than sushi?
Sushi ... in Paris ... and ...
of course, Starbucks in Paris ...

And so on ... you get the idea. It was another really good trip to my favorite place in the world, but I must admit it's barely still hanging on to the top spot. But anyway, we had our share of fun, went to the humongous IMAX and then started on our way.
 I swear this time it was about to roll off.

My belly was ready to be happy.

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