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Monday, November 8, 2010


Following my intense absence from blogging, I have decided to put a stop to all this nonsense and finally post something. The problem is that my blogging mood is not really in shape, as we currently find ourselves entangled in the same kind of nonsese I was hoping never to have to deal with again. Things are moving slower than a turtle on sleeping pills and xanax... Looks like the perfect moment to call in:

We tried to have a quiet relaxing getaway in Brussels for 2 day but, as you can see, the Aliens invadeed just in time to keep these karate weapons busy.  It was mainly easy peasy for the ninja jedi skills, which will hopefully also get us through this entanglement and back on track for the Godzilla fight we have planned for next year.

I'll be back ... like, Terminator style ... imagine that Ninja Jedi Master Terminator ... yeah ... I'm not right up there ...

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mada said...

completely understand you ... same here ...