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Monday, November 16, 2009

Tokyo Basics

OK, time to get down and dirty with TOKYO. Surprisingly few people know it is the most humongous metropolis in the world with 30 million inhabitants. That's like ... a lot ... I think. Here are a few facts I can say about Tokyo:

* Tokyo is CLEAN
* Tokyo is SAFE
* Tokyo is FUN
* Tokyo is full of caarazy people, on a "cool scale" from 1 to 10 these guys go to 100...
* Tokyo has the best infrastructure I've ever seen in any of my journeys
*Getting around Tokyo should be done with a one day pass (1000Y) which gives you access to all means of transportation
* The Harajuku girls are real
* There is no "city center", all Tokyo areas need to be seen and have lots to offer
* For fun go to Shibuya
* For shopping go to Shibuya, Shinjuku (east - in the pic on the left), Harajuku(- in the pic above)
* If you want your brain to implode take a tour of the shops in Electric City

That's a small summary ...our adventure continues next ...
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