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Friday, November 20, 2009

No more poop?

I went to see 2012 last night and although parts of it were not as bad as I was expecting, I ran out of that theater at the end of almost three exhausting hours faster than those people from the movie were running out of the exploding buildings. The movie's well paced but although there's much banging action on the screen  you rarely feel any suspense. The effects are poop-notch most of the time, so it feels more like watching cartoons rather than watching a live action movie.

I kept scratching my head all night trying to figure out which genre does this belong to. I finally figured out it's some kind of strange comedy, since watching 6 billion people die isn't really that funny, but the script is pushing for so many jokes that it can't be considered a serious movie either.

I loved the ending though ... the honesty in the little girl's voice ... "No more poop-ups"... I whish Hollywood could say the same.

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