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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is Amazing

I went last night to see THIS IS IT, and I must say from the start that I was very deeply impressed. I am not Michael's number 1 fan, but I respected and admired him as an artist. Starting from last night I can't really think of him as just an artist any more ... the man was a genius ... the connection he had with the music and the rhythm is something that nobody else has ... had ... or will ever have.  I also liked the movie in itself a lot, mostly because it doesn't try to do anything else except show you the footage. There is no emotional effort involved in the film making. All the emotion comes from what really actually happenned there. Michael's performance is simply jaw-dropping and all this while he was not pushing for it... I don't really care what the stupid press says, he was in amazing shape for a fifty years old. His moves and his voice are at the same level as they were twenty or thirty years ago, and I think we all know just how good those were back then.

I was blown away by this man ... he had so much more to give ... go watch this movie and see what I mean.

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