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Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, long time no seen, but the new job really squeezes the juice out of me. This morning I decided enough is enough and it's about time I post this...

For the summer vacation we decided to go see this wrecked-up ship lots of people are taking pictures of and posting them in the Internetz. The place is called zAkynthos, and please say it with a full accent on the A. It wasn't paradise but it was GREAT!

zAkynthos is an absolutely beautiful island in the Ionic sea, which has just about everything for everybody. From silent and beautiful nature retreats, to noisy clubbing alcoholic teenagers, you want it, you gottit.

I, for one, prefer this:

.. but, heck, that's just me, so if you wanna club till morning, don't be bothered by this post ;).

It was a trip full of adventures. We checked out multiple beaches , took the cruise around the island, went to see the all so famous shipwreck, went to see the lovely turtles, read a couple of books, and drove not less than three distinct convertible vehicles. It was actually some kind of automotive treat for myself, but more on that later. Oh, yes, and we had a quick encounter with little Johnny over here...

Actually, more on all of that later, as it's time to get back to work. I'll leave you with some pics:

another pic of us ... and the shipwreck, of course

Andreea facing CHAOS, and YES that is a McDonalds over there

Kickit - CTIJ

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