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Monday, December 17, 2007

James Bond Grows Beard in Parallel Universe

I am a little puzzled ... The Golden Compass failed miserably at the box-office, almost one third from Narnia's earnings and I think this movie is about three times better. And it's got that cuddly animals all around .... I wish I had a pet around all the time like that. And that iddly cuddly cute little bear ... uhm ... Ok, maybe he's not so little ... and most of the time he's not cuddly ... in fact ... he did rip that other bear's jaw off... sigh.
And on top of that it's got James Bond in it. It's even got James Bond's girlfriend in it. It's even got James Bond's other girlfriend in it ... you know, the one he fought aliens with ... I wouldn't be surprised if Nicole Kidman was the next Bond girl ...

I though James Bond was all about getting lots and lots of women ...

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