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Friday, December 21, 2007

Yuppy X-mas !!!

Well ... it's probably the last post before X-mas so I just wanted to say yupeeee because a nice vacation is coming up ... we'll be driving the Tank throughout the country through blizzard and snow mountains and fierce dragons that want to eat us ... mkay ... maybe I overdid it just a little bit. I'll post some pics with the journey and all it's perils once they're behind us.

I've also learned a very interesting thing about X-mas. I now know why everybody is all this jolly and singing in this time of the year. Because everyone is freaking out shopping and running and being quite on the edge all the time, it would be just a matter of time before everybody would start cursing and yelling all the time ... so this is why someone invented the Merry Christmas Jolly Jolly wishings. So, instead of going '%$#$#!!!' you just go 'Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to you there, fellow!'. It's quite comforting. It was such a pleasant drive this morning. I've wished so many 'Merry X-mas'-es to so many fellow drivers ...

So there you go ... Merrrrrrrry Chriiiistmaaaaas! to you ...

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