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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Scullder's Awards - Worst of 2013

Well, Happy New Year over there! 2014 has made its way into the world and what better way to celebrate than to look back at what was definitely not the best year ever.

Yep, you knew this was coming... the 2013 awards are here!!

Yep, for real!

And we kick it off with this year's Worst of categories:
- 2013 Most Pathetic Operating System invented by Man
- 2013 Worst Drivers of the Year
- 2013 Worst Trips of the Year
- 2013 Worst Movie of the Year

Here they are:

2013 Most Pathetic Operating System invented by Man
Windows H8

I've been using computers ever since I was 8-9 years old and it's the first time I find myself genuinely confused in front of one. It is a true performance, and it has led me to poetry. Here it is:
My poor small head is full of hate
For the allmighty Windows8
Oh dear strong computerlord
To shut it down you must be bold
Press 5 ... 4 buttons if you're wise
My poor small head is full of "why"s

Not exactly Academy Awards material, but still better than Windows 8 for sure ....

2013 Worst Drivers of the Year
Belgian & Dutch Drivers 

It was such a close head to head race to the finish line that I've decided to award not one byt two First Prizes in this contest of sheer inability. I've driven quite a bit around this world, and while admittedly I have avoided driving in Italy, I was reduced to silence by some of the things I've seen these Flemish people consistently and repeatedly do behind the wheel.
I'm sure there's a few good drivers around there somewhere as well. If you're reading this, don't be mad, you are the exception and you know it.

2013 Worst Trips of the Year

It's plural, yes. TripS. Because I've been there twice this year. Not much to say except that I didn't particularly enjoy myself. It was a mix of personal things going on and other things going on around and the result is a clear wiener. Myeah, I'll even skip the photo for this one.

2013 Worst Movie of the Year

I really don't like what they've done with MacGyver. First of all, they changed the lead actor (which is something you should never ever do) and then they've decided to stretch 50 minutes of pure handy-man action to over 130 minutes. Hollywood has yet again put its nasty fingers in what was a wonderful glorious pie. I do hope they don't make another sequel to this pile of over-engineered pooh. A sad days for MacGyver fans everywhere...

Stay close, the Best of is coming really soon...

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