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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Scullder's Awards - Best of 2013

2013 Scullder's Awards are in full swing, and here come the Best of!

This year's Best of categories:
- 2013 Best Movie of the Year
- 2013 Best Games of the Year
- 2013 Best Ride of the Year
- 2013 Best Travel of the Year

2013 Best Movie of the Year

I haven't reviewed too many movies this year, but they were mostly OK-ish. There was one however that took my breath away a few times. We all know by now that it's more fiction than science, but it's hard to care when you're offered a trip to outer space for the price of a movie ticket.

2013 Best Games of the Year
Guacamelle & The Last of Us

Guacamelee is most probably the best game I've ever played on a portable device. Throughout I felt like I was playing a beat'em'up version of the original Monkey Island with a Mexican backdrop. It is hilarious at times, most challenging at others, a must play for anyone who likes platformers or fighting games. 
Regarding, TLoU, I don't want to blabber too much as I will go into more details in my Zombie Chronicles (which, by God, I will see finished!!). Suffice to say that it will take you on an emotional journey filled with gritty action and it is a true masterpiece.

2013 Best Ride of the Year

Sure, it may sound like a no-brainer, but I just got out of an M5 driven by a pro after a spin on the 'Ring before getting a ride in the little bugger. So, was it really better than the M5? Well, yes! While it was nowhere near as crazy as the M5 ride, I found it quite a bit more enjoyable. It's that kind of car that gives you the pure unfiltered pleasure of what you are doing, and the 'Ring, well ... the 'Ring is a dream for any petrolhead.

2013 Best Travel of the Year
A Sky Full of Green Fire in Iceland

This is one of those times when I realize I don't blog nearly enough as I would like to. The trip to Iceland was full of unexpected moments. Like this night when we were driving around and suddenly on top of us the sky lit up with green flames dancing all around. Unfortunately no image will do it justice ... it was magical, breathtaking and unlike anything I've ever experienced before.

And that's a wrap for 2013, it had it's fair share of fun moments, but all in all it was not the best year so far, here's hoping 2014 will be better it in every way possible.

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