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Friday, August 2, 2013

Wolverine's Butt 2

While casually checking an overview of my blogger, I saw another spike in the hits I get from people searching for Wolverine's butt ... It all makes sense, since there's a brand new Wolverine movie out and, yes, they do show him naked again, and from different angles this time.

Unfortunately, I have hunted high and low and there's no picture to be found online for the best scene of the movie, with him naked in the bathtub. I know, I know, it's very very hard to get over such disappointment, and there's little consolation to be found in the fact that the second movie is about one million times better than the first one. All we can do is hope, that the Wolverine Butt will make another appearance in full glory in the next movie.

Oh, and in case some search engines miss this very highly informative post: Wolverine Butt, Wolverine's Buttocks, Butt of Wolverine, Wolverine naked, Wolverine behind, Naked Wolverine Behind, Naked Wolverine Body .... seems more and more visitors each day find their way here because of these simple and beautiful words.

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