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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

iPhone X

Before we begin, full disclaimer, I own and love an HTC One, but I like to believe that I have a non-biased approach as we have an iPhone as well in the family.

The next iPhone seems to be incoming on the 10th of September, but why wait until then when you can know right now what is going to happen? Yes, it is the future, right here ... I know, right??

It looks like Apple will take the same approach as the Moto X from Google for their new iPhone 5C (as in Color most probably) with a highly customizable color scheme that allows you to make your own phone with a pink case and green buttons on it...

Together with the new iOS7 flat and colorful design, I think they might be onto something here.

I always thought the iPhone was a bit too posh for its own good, but then again people that usually buy an iPhone put an apple sticker on their freaking car, which is something I never ever understood. So, this is precisely why Apple will also carry on their current non-plastic aluminium gorilla materials torch with the iPhone 5S. They just may end up selling more 5Cs ...

See for yourself more color combinations at: http://sonnydickson.com/

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