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Monday, July 16, 2012

Crap Age

Slow day at the office? ... myea, kinda ... but enough about me and more about ... crap kiddy movies!! BEHOLD!!!

We've seen Ice Age Thirteen or however much it was (5? 6?) and I can hardly think of any better way of COMPLETELY WASTING  94 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE...

Yeah ... there's the misunderstood teenager thing, the hate/love thing, the squirrel going nuts YET AGAIN and a bunch of freaking EWOKS from Return of the Jedi!! Ewoks for Christ sake!!

... enough said ... I wonder what happened to the people who made Nemo, Wall-E, Cars (1 not the craptastic 2), Monsters Inc., Bamby .... gone ... the magic of cartoons is gone ... Thanks a lot, Hollywood, really ... NOT.

P.S.:If you do end up (by mistake) at this movie, you can however enjoy the 5 minutes Maggie Simpson featurette in the opening, it was by far more entertaining than what followed ...

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