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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mr President

The year has just started and already one month has come and gone ... and I blogged less than Paris Hilton's chihuahua. But, I have to assure you that while my blogging was pathetic, my real life goals were nothing less than ... presidential.

Dear electors, please meet your next ... president:

Well ... sort of ... kinda ... I started a campaign when I heard there are some kind of elections inside my company. I didn't really know what the elections were for, but it looked like the right moment to run for president. After a while, though, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me in a different way. Isolating myself  in a position of power would not help the interests of the very people I am trying so hard to help. By remaining among the people, by fighting the good fight every day alongside them, only this way I could really make a difference. So, in a stroke of what I can only qualify as pure genius I decided to remove all the posters and stop the campaign. ... Actually ... the branch manager somebody tore down my poster from the office walls so I decided it's time to let go...

So, rejoice, my subjects ... fear not ... I will be here ... among you ... REJOICE ...

 P.S.: Many thanks to little sis for helping me kick-start my political career.

 P.P.S.: wink to my colleagues.

Oh ... and since, from I really don't know what reason, people don't see where this is coming from ... here it is ...

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