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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scullder's Awards 2011

You know what time it is, right? It's time for .... THE (almost) YEARLY AWARDS !!!

Yes, last year I was pretty much a mess, so I didn't do it, but here it is ... a looong all in one post:

To get the obvious out of the way ... I just blogged about the best movie and the best game so here they are:


Best Movie Game 2011 ... say what?
Because it is at the same time the best movie I've seen this year and the best game I've played, a totally new experience unlike anything else, this brand new category which I doubt will ever appear again (predictably) goes to ...Heavy Rain

Best Travel (and Food) of 2011 - Thailand

It was really good...

And now ... for the more interesting categories ... first up ...  
The most pathetic car invented by man - Audi A1
Apparently someone somewhere thinks that the Audi Q7 can be a cute and cuddly car, because they decided to shrink it down into ... this ... thing ... at which point apparently people from BMW felt like they needed to strike back hard so they managed to create AGAIN
The ugliest car of the year 2011 - BMW 1 Series
 No, there is nothing wrong with your glasses, the headlights actually look like this, it is an actual image of the car...

Which brings us to the inevitable   ....
Just when I thought that superhero movies got to a point when they can be at least boring, Green Lantern came and blew everyone's expectations away. It was .... horrendous ...

Well ... that was a long one ... pfew ... on to next year ... peace!

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