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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christopher Nolan just loves to f#$k around with your Head

Yes, I've seen the only movie I was actually looking forward to this year, and Inception was really worth the wait. Nolan does his usual mind confusion stuff and there are some action scenes like the tumble/zero gravity fight that spank any other movie and, yes, I am looking right at you, Matrix.

The idea of the movie is not really that original, so I'm sure everyone is wondering how this all happened. Lucky you, I managed to make a succesful extraction from Nolan's mind a few days ago when we bumped into each other at the spa, so here goes:

[Nolan's house, Nolan meets friend John Warner]

-So, Chris, I was thinking we could do more of your mind stuff in an action movie.
-Yeah, I've had this great idea where we can plunge people in a non-real world, and
-Oh, something like the Matrix...
-[minor shrug]... yeah ... OK, but I'm going way beyond the Matrix, I'll do like the Matrix inside the Matrix and the
-Oh, you mean like in the 13th Floor...
-[shrug] ... yeah ... ook ... well, two levels, that's child play, I'll do 4 levels of Matrix inside the Matrix and there
-Oh, you mean like eXistenZ
-[big shrug] .... F#$k you, John .... throw me a beer ... nobody bothered to see "Existance"

Credits, Best ending ever ... in the movie I mean ... we were back from the memory, did I forget to say that ...

HA, you just got Nolaned. And I rule because I just reinvented googleing.

But I mean it ... the ending is Nolanizing.

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