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Friday, March 26, 2010

Time to hit that Road

The time has come to reveal our plans for the near future. Tomorrow we are leaving for Egypt, the land of the Sun ... I hope, because after this winter I do want to see that strange ball of light on the sky again. I will blog about that after we return. And speaking of after we return ... This is when our true next journey will begin. Our destination ... pretty predictable considering my business trip earlier this year:
My business trip went quite well actually and, as a result, Andreea and I will pack up and move our General HeadQuarters to Luxembourg. And what a great HQ this can be.... Paris in 3 hours, Amsterdam a little more ... and tons of castles and wonderful locations within our grasp. We will travel by car, and yes, finally, the baboon will be able to come out and play ... Nurburgring is probably just one of the places to have fun nearby.

However, it's not all milk and honey... Besides the obvious effort of leaving basically everything behind, it will take a while before we will get settled in appropriately, but we shall do it.

So ... how long are we planning to stay there? For now ... forever...

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dragos said...

I wish you all the best !
Enjoy your life !