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Friday, March 5, 2010

Dinosaurs went extinct?

I was a bit shocked today when I read this article on yahoo. It seems like 41 "scientists" from around the world spent a lot of money probably doing their monkey business stuff and in the end came up with this crazy theory that Dinosaurs were killed a couple many million years ago by an asteroid which is such a GROUND BRAKING theory...

Anyway, if you wanna see some scientific and cool but yet unintelligible information on the subject you can go here.

Amateurs ... extinct ... I KNOW Denver is still alive somewhere in USA.

UPDATE: Following a very heated discussion with Lucian we finally discovered what TRULY happened.

The TRUTH is that Chuck Norris came down from the sky on a ball of fire and wiped out all life so that he could start spreading his seed on yet another planet. A mere blast from the meteor was not enough and  Chuck Norris had to finish the job himself, so he hunted down all the remaining dinosaurs and killed them with a roundhouse kick.... which took like a blink of an eye ... because, yeah, Chuck Norris can!

Yes, I know you just dropped your coffee cup from amazement...

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