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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Movies of 2008 - Best

And now, the final prize for the year...

Best Movie of 2008

... it's been a long discussion between me, myself and I, the runner up being (of course) Joker Begins, or The Dark Knight, as the producers mis-promoted it. I didn't get to write a review on Joker Begins, but what mainly bothered me there is that Batman is a freaking woos. Joker upstages him in every possible department. The story itself is about the Joker, and it's pretty darn good one if you can look at it like that, but what I wanted was to go to the theater and watch BATMAN (as in NOT Joker) kick everyone's asses all over the place. I was disappointed...

So, here it is:

... because the main character doesn't come through like a woos and KILLS the bad guys when they pull a gun at him (eat it, Batman... nia nia nia, I'm not gonna kill you, even though you are a murdering terrorist)
... because of the astounding ending (loved that)
... because his costume is waaaay cooler than Batman's (just click on that pic)
... because it gave me hope that comic book movies really can be cool and bright, not just dark and slow
... because it did what I wanted it to do, it ENTERTAINED me in a positive way

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