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Thursday, May 3, 2007


I ATE THAT ... yes I did ... and it was gRRReat!

The whole trip to Paris was nice, as Paris is a very nice place. Actually, I think Paris is getting less nice, but that's another story. The trip to Disneyland was quite thrilling (again), I made friends with King Louie (shame on you if you don't know who he is...). The hotel was semi-lousy as usual, but walking just a few minutes to chanselize made it worth it. I saw the little Clio RS in the flesh (hurray), and got a glimpse of the meggy.
Finally, just a small recap, rating what happened (1 to 5):
- Disneyland 5
gogo Big Thunder Mountain !, and had a little too much with Indiana Jones and Space Mountain ...
- Versai' 2
you should know BEFORE you get there the gardens are opened just a few hors per day, and that you will wait a couple of hours in the blistering sun should you choose to enter the museum ( which we didn't )
- Cite de la seans 5
It's gotta be a 5 simply because of IMAX and the Planetarium, which were veery cool... the rest isn't very much, but it's fun
- Chineese resto 3
should've gone thai
- Thai resto 5
hurray for the green alien eggs thingie, which was like the green cherry after a very good lunch :)

And finally a BIG one star to all the Romanian beggars who took over the place ... bleah.

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