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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Place before the Pines

You know that place in the woods where some people make friends or others will take you to shoot you dead? You'll get there sooner or later ... or at least this is what The Place beyond the Pines is telling you. So beware ... best thing is not to kill anyone  ... or make friends ... you can start with that. And while you're at it you should consider not messing around with corrupt police officers ... or the mafia ... or people who rob banks ... or bears ... cause bears live beyond the pines ...

But enough blabber, back to the movie ... It was quite to my taste, a pretty good reflection on life, choices and so on. Kinda like To the Wonder, only not crappy... kinda slow and long, but I didn't mind ... as long as I'm watching Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes or Bradley Cooper.

Now I only have to sort out how I'll ever be able to drive to the woods again ...

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