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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Hobbit

Have you ever seen 48FPS? ... in 3D? It is ... overwhelming, your eyes will have a very hard time coping with it. For me it took around two hours for my eyes to adjust and afterwards my brain was left performing the child pose for the rest of the night. Most people are saying it's a very bad thing ... but to be honest I'm not quite so sure... they were saying the same about 3D some years ago, and now  they're starting to like it...

But, back to the movie ... and it's glorious glorious 3D ... I think it has the best 3D I've ever seen, most probably even better than Avatar's. It is with very little doubt the best 3D there ever was, which doesn't really hurt ... since the story ... Yeah ... the story ... and it's many many glorious monsters and sceneries ... I think it has most probably the best special effects I've ever seen, most probably even better than Avatar's. There were quite a few moments when I thought the monsters were to grossly close to real ... Which is quite an accomplishment.

But, back to the story ... I was never really a big fan of Ring Lord, I like it more or less. It's cool with adventure magic monster stuff but the lack of light sabers turns me off a bit. So it is probably because of my mild ignorance that I really don't understand why so many people complain about the story. It has action, adventure, drama ... suspense ... For me, the story sits very well on par with the rest of the hobbit-orc-goblin-elf-dwarf stuff we've seen in the original trilogy ... very well ... and I could not have hoped for more.

So ... crazy visuals ... glorious 3D ... really great monsters ... I think this movie was quite good. Even only for the Gollum scene, which raises the bar of CGI characters and digital effects in general to a completely new level, everyone should see this movie. But go prepared ... your eyes will scream for mommy.

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