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Friday, November 9, 2012

First Weekly News

I just realized that blogs are normally a place where people put content in a regular fashion. So, in an attempt to try and turn my blog into a blog, I will try to create a weekly news summary. Here goes:
  • Monday Sucks
This Monday shall never be discussed.
  • Tuesday votes Obama
Obama won a second term as president, but to be honest I am much much more concerned about the fact that this guy below was voted by a LOT of people. Question of the day: Are ~half of the americans crazy?
  • Wednesday Sucks even More
This Wednesday shall ever be forgotten.
  • Thursday kicks ass
Since some time now I have started honing my body into a lethal weapon, mostly by learning how to kick people in the nutts. There was no actual nutts-kicking this thursday, only punching in the face ... I was quite disapointed.
  • Friday gives One Zillion Zombies

Do you like Zombie movies? Well ... there's this now ....

It doesn't look half bad and I must admit I am secretly a Brad Pitt fan, so I am looking forward to seeing this.

In other unrelated news it's possible that I will be doing a bit of travelling soon, so in case you are on the edge of your seats and just dying to find out what life is like in Wiesbaden stay tuned...

That's that for this week ... I'll try to find some news that are really SENSATIONAL for next week ...

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