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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Part of my games and movies week, here comes my blabbering about PS3 game Infamous.

In the wake of the Playstation Network mega-hack, when 70 MILLION user accounts were compromised, Sony thought it needs to come up with something impressive if it wants to reconcile with all those people that got hacked. So, they decided to offer for FREE to all these people a selection of some of the best PS3 and PSP games available. This is how Infamous and I met ...

The game starts off very well. There is a very very nice feeling of progression throughout the game, as the main character gathers new powers. The "I got the power!" feeling is very intense, especially towards the end when you really can (and surely will) blow some serious s#it up!! Also, during the game you can choose between the GOOD path and the BAD. I chose good, of course (?) and this means that towards the end you have to watch it because you are a mean machine of pure destruction that can really make a LOT of collateral victims... which in the end contributes AGAIN to that whoa I am so powerful feeling.

The story has some nice twists and the one at the very end managed to take me by surprise, which is quite ... surprising.

What I think is the best way I can describe the game is the way I felt after playing it, because as soon as the credits started rolling I thought to myself two things:

I want to play Infamous 2 ... now.

And ... This was cool, I want to play Infamous 1 AGAIN! But this time, I'll squash all those puny pedestrian human beings that stand between me and additional POWER!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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