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Friday, August 13, 2010

Bordel, c'est pas trop tôt!!

Ah ouiii!! I've had an excellent great surprise today when Andreea popped up this from her purse:

No, not the Pleo and not the Vaio, the other thingie. Yessss, I am a lucky garçon ... And je suis content, because my Starcraft 2 copy (yes, my Starcraft 2) is in FRENCH. Hourrra for the french, I could download the game in english from blizzard, but it's waaay to funny like this ... So far the game looks and plays just as what I was hoping for, so I'm happy to report that Blizzard didn't make a big bordel de merde out of the franchise.

Bon sang, oui je suis content!!

Go ahead ... zoom in on the picture ... you know you wanna see what a baneling is called in french ...

Later Edit: Mmmmyeah ... SC2 is (re)installing .... in English ...

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