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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sherlock Holmes and 2 Smoking Barrels

See that guy up there? That's Sherlock Holmes! ... What? You think that's plain old LAME? OK, then how about this guy ...

OK, OK, it looks like we are getting ... somewhere ... but that's still not a movie that an average young fellow would admire these days ... in comes Guy Ritchie ... who analysed the situation and finally thought that by all means if he would need to survive in the jungle of today's cinema, Sherlock must definitely look ... well ... like this:

See the resemblance? Well... don't bee TOO hard on yourselves, neither do I, but the point is that there's a movie in theaters called "Sherlock Holmes" which BLOWS S#IT UP! Does it have anything to do with the Sherlock Holmes from the first picture? Considering this guy knows more Karate than Mr. Miyagi the answer is pretty obvious.

One mystery remains ... Is the movie any good? ... I'd say yes, but it took me a couple of pipes and intensive use of my magnifying glass to find an answer ...

get it?

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