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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ben Affleck is an Actor!

Yeah, now I remember where I knew this guy from ... he used to be an actor ... and apparently not a bad one.
I was utterly amazed by the fact that I didn't fall asleep while watching this movie where the Gladiator grew fat and started working as a journalist, while Ben Affleck finally decided to run for the senate. I may have gotten things mixed up a little bit, but, heck ... the storyline is mixed up and it was kinda late.

The way I see things, the story is about a guy who sleeps with another guy's wife, who happens to be his friend, but the guy thinks about another girl, who was sleeping with the guy too, but following him too, and that was because some other guy kills her because she was working for the guy, but she was actually working for another guy too. In the end, everything is turned around and the guy who did it is revealed ... geesh ... Now THAT's a story for the newspapers...

Go see 'State Of Play' ... you will not fall asleep ... I repeat, you will NOT fall asleep.

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