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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Officially in Love with Paris

I've been wondering lately if my memories of Paris are correct ... Do I really like the place as much as I think I do? There was only one way to solve the mystery. We went to Paris ... AGAIN. And the mystery has been solved. I am officially in love with Paris!

The city is struggling because of the number of tourists that go there, but also because of local inhabitants. It's becoming more and more crowded ... and more and more dirty ... But, yet, it still has that je ne sais quoi, that touches me each time I go there. There's such a positive energy covering the place, and the people are so relaxed. It's not a ubiquitous utopia, and there are some areas you should try and avoid, but in general there is a general positive vibe in the air.

The food is just great. There is this place called the Cartier Latin with a small street filled with restaurants where you can't really miss. There's some good food also on the Champs Elysee. I'm not the coffee/croissant guy, so for breakfast, I recommend waiting until about 10 o'clock when they bring out the sandwiches.

Since we don't have any lying around, we had to revisit the IMAX at the Geode. It was exciting, as usual, and I do recommend going there as well.

And we could not miss, of course, DISNEYLAND. Since this was my 4th or 5th time there, I'll write another post about it, with tips and tricks from my extended experience.

I'll end with some pics...

... roses are red ...

I'm gonna buy myself a creppe!

some more beautiful flowers...

Andreea is blending in ...

Chillin' in Jardin de Luxembourg

All hail mother Africa!

The Tower was amazing! ... as usual ...

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