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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top 3 Indian Restaurants in Bucharest

Yup, it's time for another one of my top thingies ... and it's time to get down and dirty with Indian Restaurants in Bucharest. Ladies and Gentlemen, the contenders:
Barka Saffron

Third place, but I would say LAST place without hesitation:
Barka Saffron - boooooo...

... the service sucked BIG TIME!
... the food was average at best
... the Indian ice cream was only a hint at what it should be flavor wise

My recommendation: Don't even think about it...

Second place, close but not quite there:
Haveli - yaaaay!

... the food is good, but still feels like it came from a can
... the service was pretty good
... the ice cream was uneatable... literally ... it was served in a small bowl and it kept sliding from one side to the other when you tried to take a piece...

My recommendation: A good place to taste Indian cuisine, but not for the hardcore spicy fans

First place and the undisputed winner:
Karishma - yupeeeeeeee!

... the food is GREAT, real hardcore spicy stuff that explodes in your mouth when you taste it
... the service is very good, they even have some real Indians serving now
... the ice cream is pure genius ... one third of a tea spoon gives you three times more taste than that a full big lump of that puny joke at that looser restaurant mentioned earlier

My recommendation: Go there and get one chicken in red sauce with some rice, one of those vegetarian thingies, one of them Indian breads, one of them yogurts, one ice cream, and get ready to be spiced away! You just must have to eat that Indian ice cream!

If someone knows any other possible contenders, feel free to send me messages, and I will be eager to try them...

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