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Friday, November 9, 2007

Mel Gibson is Nucking Futs

Another way to read the title of this post is "OMG, I just managed to see Apocalypto! ... without throwing up ... although I almost did!". So to sum things up, I've just seen Apocalypto on DVD and OMG, I managed not to throw up ... although I did feel like it for a couple of times the entire time... This movie is the most awful piece of gore I've ever seen, and I really hope I'll never get to see anything like it ... EVER ...

All gore aside, I can say the movie was quite OK, the story is interesting and involving ... but there are just way to many explicit gory scenes to make it watchable ... bleah, I just remembered one and feel like throwing up again ...

... did I mention I believe Mel Gibson has gone cucu?

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