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Monday, August 6, 2007

Deja Vu ... I think I've seen this before ... only it was a smaller poop pile

I've seen a crap movie ... Are you experiencing Deja Vu? Well, let's try that again ... I've seen a crap movie ... Did I already say that?

I was sitting around, astonished by the crappiness of this movie, trying to imagine how in the world I could avoid using the word 'crap' over and over again while talking about this movie. But, then again, the writers didn't spend much time trying to avoid making it such a big crap, so why should I bother?
First things first ... What in the name of our almighty Lord is the connection/link/relation between this movie and the feeling of Deja Vu??? What, oh, what does this movie have to do with the feeling described as Deja Vu so that it should have this title? Well, except the "another crap movie" feeling, absolutely Nada.
Now, that we got that out of the way ... How in the name of our almighty Lord can someone send a laser beam through a display screen? I've tried that all day after seeing the movie, and none of the news presenters blinked an eye! What am I doing wrong here, people?? It worked just fine in the movie !!
How many PHDs does it require to come up with a bigger IQ than a law enforcement officer in the USA? Can we send a note? NO! Are you sure? NO! OMG, thank you law enforcement officer, or should I say, OMG what a humongous crap script!

And, leaving all the technical issues aside, the movie emphasizes heavily on the idea that going back in time doesn't change a thing. You've already done whatever you are going to do back in time and there's no changing the outcome of it. So strange things happen, and get explained later in a somewhat surprisingly consistent manner ... You cannot change a thing and that's that ... But then something happens near the end of the movie (something crappy of course). It's like someone said 'I give up, just save them all please', so everybody gets saved in a very very crappy and inconsistent manner ... ah well.

Too bad the fact that this movie is pure crap really can't be changed, not even by going back in time ... I've seen a crap movie ... again ...

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